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The League supplies basic equipment including bats, balls and catcher’s gear.

  • What Equipment Does The League Supply?
    The League supplies basic softball equipment including bats, softballs and catcher's gear.

  • What Equipment Do You Need To Supply?
    You need to supply a fielding glove, cleats and a batting helmet with a facemask.
    All batting helmets and attached facemasks must have the MOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletics Equipment) stamp. Players should bring all equipment to every practice and all games.

  • What Else Is Provided By The League?
    The League also provides training equipment for all teams. Catcher's gear is also provided for 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U teams.

  • Is There Any Other Recommended Equipment I Should Get?
    Fielding facemasks are recommended for 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U players and highly recommended for all pitchers. A softball bag is also essential for keeping all of their softball gear together.

Cleats – softball/baseball specific cleats are recommended; no specific brand recommendation.

Batting Helmet with Facemask – both the helmet and facemask must have a NOCSAE stamp or lettering imprinted; must also have snap on chin strap; make sure to look for “Junior” or “Youth” sizes; no specific brand recommendation.

Softball Bats – 10U & 12U division requires bats to be USA softball approved with the following stamps of approval.

Gloves – softball gloves are preferred because of larger pocket; no specific brand recommendation.

Balls - 6U and 8U use a soft “training” ball, optic yellow, size 10” – Easton or Wilson brand options.

Balls - 10U uses a hard softball, optic yellow, size 11” – Worth, Wilson, Dudley brand options. 12U and 14U use a hard softball, optic yellow, size 12” – Worth, Wilson, Dudley brand options.

Softball Bags – Great way to hold/store all essential softball gear; no specific brand recommendation.

Fielding Face Masks – recommended for all 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U players and highly suggested for all pitchers; no specific brand recommendation.

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